Remote 3D Printing via Wi-Fi: Octoprint vs Astroprint vs Creality Cloud

  • With technology rapidly thriving, 3D printing users are getting interested in advanced functions on their 3D printers, such as the Wi-Fi connection. Remote 3D printing via Wi-Fi makes your life a lot easier. After all, it eliminates the need for USB tethering or SD cards for printing.

    Besides the benefits mentioned above, Wi-Fi options additionally incorporate some form of webcam tracking, so you'll be able to quit a failed print from another location before it consumes all your precious filament.

    Let’s probe into some 3D printing APPs with Wi-Fi function.


    Octoprint is an open resource task started by Gina Häußge a.k.a foosel over 5 years ago.

    Octoprint is wonderful for users with some programs or growth experience. Then this is probably the ideal choice for you if you have actually set up marlin firmware for your 3d printer or have actually installed a Linux distro on your computer system. Octoprint is found on GitHub as well as can easily be forked or modified to make things the way you like it. Nevertheless, you don't need to be a full pile designer to use Octoprint either. It's still really easy to get it mounted and running if you hold your horses enough to check out the guide and adhere to instructions.


    Simple installment

    Fully adjustable as well as neighborhood run

    Great for technology savvy or program savvy individuals

    Barebone GUI (Interface).

    Dynamic information tabbed in areas.

    Support by the community.

    Buy your own equipment.

    SBC version just.

    Free OS.


    Astroprint is a business that uses the open resource and also product packages users can buy pre-configured. Okay fantastic but what are they and also what are their distinctions.

    If you have never ever configured your 3d printer's firmware, installed an operating system on your computer, or simply don't want to mess with any kind of shows, after that astroprint is possibly the best option for you. Astroprint supply a complete suite of control for your 3d printer as well as it's a specialist user interface with lots of easy to use features. There are also integrated design searches from your favored stl web sites like Thingiverse.


    Extremely simple setup

    Limited adjustability

    Superb choice for newbies

    Complete suite GUI snappy

    Dynamic information fundamental all-in-one display

    Assistance by staff

    Get pre-installed kits or your own equipment

    SBC, Desktop, cloud and also Mobile Application versions

    Free OS

    Conclusion Before Creality Cloud

    Both Octoprint vs Astroprint in other words provide customers the capacity to regulate their 3D Printers from a web user interface that can be accessed inside or outside of your residence network. This is usually made with a piece of hardware called a Single Board Computer (SBC) or what you'll most typically listen to used, a Rapberry Pi. We're not mosting likely to go into equipment here yet both sites provide very good and also in-depth information on what you require.

    Creality Cloud:

    Creality Cloud is going to be the most versatile 3D printing APP in the marketing. When matched with a self-developed Wi-Fi box by Creality, Creality Cloud will support the online printing/online slicing/online model library.

    Especially for those who get started exploring 3D printing fun, online model library on Creality Cloud will provide numerous 3D printable models in various categories.

    For those who are professional in the 3D printing field, the online mode library on Creality Cloud will be the most easy-to-use database for storing your self-designed 3D models. Your shared 3D models will also be the funniest thing for other 3D printing users to explore.

    Online Slicing is going to be the most user-friendly part on Creality Cloud. Online slicing enables users to finish slicing their 3D model on this versatile mobile phone APP, with the simplest slicing settings.

    With Creality Cloud, slicer software and advanced slicing skills are no longer so much required. Everything before printing just becomes easy!

    Using the Creality Cloud APP, users can remotely start the printing on Creality 3D printers when matched with the Creality Wi-Fi box.

    With G-code file generated on Creality Cloud, users can just need to choose the G-code file to print on Creality 3D printers.

    With Creality Cloud, you can now manage your 3D printers while you’re in the bathroom! Or anywhere else...

    Except for the functional features, Creality cloud is mobile APP supporting social networking.

    Besides that, users can directly get technical support from Creality which covers Creality 3D printer tutorial videos, after-sales maintenance and troubleshooting on Creality Cloud database or from our engineer via Creality Cloud.


    Simple installation

    Barebone GUI (Interface).

    Dynamic information tabbed in areas.

    Support by community.

    Buy your own equipment.

    SBC vesrion just.

    Free OS.

    Which will You Choose?

    Now that you have the facts which one is best for you? There’s no right or wrong answer here. Both options are great and work really well.

    If you are using Creality 3D printers, the best option for you will be the Creality Cloud. If you are interested in having a try, you’d better download the APP now.

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