Ender 5 Plus - Heated bed not working when SDCard inserted

  • Hi,

    I have the Ender 5 Plus and it works very nice. I just install Octoprint and I found two problems with Octoprint and the SDCard of the Ender 5 Plus. 1st - Octoprint cannot see the files on the inserted SD Card. 2nd - If the SD Card is insterted while Octoprint is connected,, the heated bed doesn't work from octoprint nor from the Ender 5 touche screen. If Octoprint is "connected" and the printer is online. I send a print command from octoprint and I can see on the touch screen 70 degres but the bed temperature doesn't raise. After 3 minutes I can see on the touch screen the error: Heating Failed Cycle power target temperature was not meet......... I restart and reconnect with octoprint then If I try to start a print from the SD Card with the touch screen, nothing append still no heat on the bed. I just have to restart and remove the SDcard then I can print with octoprint. Same thing the other way. If octoprint is not connected, I can print from the SdCard without any problems. The firmware of the printer is Ver 1.70.2 BL

    anyone can tell me to fix that ? Thanks

  • Take out the SD card, you don't need it anyway if you're running Octoprint, you can print right from your computer. No need of the SD card unless you need to update printer firmware and just disconnect whatever device you're running Octoprint on if you need to do that...

    Sorry, I'm just not getting why you need the SD card while running Octoprint. You're right though, there shouldn't be any issue such as you're experiencing. Taking the SD card out seems like such a simple fix to me though, perhaps I'm not getting it. There may be some issue with how you set up Octoprint and the printer, if you set Octoprint to the generic riprap instead of for your exact model for example. It doesn't sound like a printer problem, it sounds like a software problem, Octoprint is sending the wrong or conflicting commands to the printer.

    Good luck.

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  • I received Ender 5+ in Jan 2021. Haven’t been able to print anything scepter a text print. Same problem.
    I even changed the thermistor on the hotend.
    ![0_1614064148450_EC8DFFE0-3914-4351-9AC0-FEC0F43A173A.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

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