Ender 5 Plus - Heated bed not working when SDCard inserted

  • Hi,

    I have the Ender 5 Plus and it works very nice. I just install Octoprint and I found two problems with Octoprint and the SDCard of the Ender 5 Plus. 1st - Octoprint cannot see the files on the inserted SD Card. 2nd - If the SD Card is insterted while Octoprint is connected,, the heated bed doesn't work from octoprint nor from the Ender 5 touche screen. If Octoprint is "connected" and the printer is online. I send a print command from octoprint and I can see on the touch screen 70 degres but the bed temperature doesn't raise. After 3 minutes I can see on the touch screen the error: Heating Failed Cycle power target temperature was not meet......... I restart and reconnect with octoprint then If I try to start a print from the SD Card with the touch screen, nothing append still no heat on the bed. I just have to restart and remove the SDcard then I can print with octoprint. Same thing the other way. If octoprint is not connected, I can print from the SdCard without any problems. The firmware of the printer is Ver 1.70.2 BL

    anyone can tell me to fix that ? Thanks

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