Octoprint issue with Ender 3 pro and 4.2.7 silent board upgrade

  • A few months ago, I bought an Ender 3 pro and have first integrated it with Octoprint, then upgraded to a 4.2.7 silent board with BLtouch. The original print quality was good, but since the upgrade to the 4.2.7 board I have random glitches in my prints. After investigation, it turns out that these glitches only happen when printing from Octoprint, prints are ok when printing directly from the SD card. Below picture shows two Octoprint examples on the left, direct SD card print on the right.

    Printing using Octoprint worked fine with the default Ender 3 board. With the 4.2.7 board I had to use the Creality Temp Fix Plugin For Octoprint. A close look at what happens during printing is there is normally a fast move with retraction between the pillars. At the moment of the glitch, I don't see a fast move, but a normal move without retraction. Maybe some lines in the gcode are skipped/rejected somehow?

    Is this a known problem? How can I further improve this? Thanks.

  • Hey Djuke, I'm following a similar upgrade path to you here, stock ender 3 with octoprint on a RPi3B, just put a new 4.2.7 silent board in and fitted the bl touch kit from creality. I plan on continuing with octoprint but this is now something i'll be watching for (as soon as i can finish getting the bltouch set up, its getting late now so probably tomorrow).

    One thing i've noticed with the RPi is it is really hard to get enough voltage to the board consistantly and I seem to remember reading somewhere that it can cause issues with gcode skipping if it sags. I plan on getting a new RPi4 with 8GB ram at some point soon as they have a usbC power input which would improve things a lot, but haven't had code skipped yet, but i used to get the power warning when the web cam was streaming from time to time. I think I'll be keeping an eye on that, i'll let you know if have the same problem when i get it up and running tomorrow (hopefully!)

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