Ender 5 plus help please

  • Hey guys I'm new here and at 3d printing so I will try and explain my problem the best I can.

    I couldn't get the machine to work with the standard board so I upgraded to the silent board (which I planned to do anyway) but still having issues with the bed crashing into the nozzle either when trying to print or doing the auto leveling.

    With the standard board the bl touch would turn blue and engage twice at the beginning of the auto bed leveling but then on the 3rd time of the bed moving up (still in the home position) the bl touch would turn red and the bed would crash, with the silent board fitted the bl touch just stays red and the bed crashes. Any ideas? I'm crap at this software stuff so please dumb it down for me lol. Cheers

  • If you can solve this problem, let me know, I have the same, I have already informed Creality and no solution has been presented ..

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