ender 3 issues after assembly.

  • I recently bought a ender 3 and assembled it however i have a problem with the z axis screw not locking into place causing z axis problems and the x axis drops down slightly on the right side. the z axis screw can also be removed by hand and while i tried everything i could think of i haven't been able to fix the x axis dropping down slightly or the z axis screw locking into place instead of lifting up out of the motor.

  • Dear @Maulstrum97

    About the z-axis drop, stepper motor power failure, z-axis natural decline is normal, if the power is down, it is the coupling is not locked, the screws will be locked/check the coupling of the two screws and coupling threads are slippery teeth, the existence of slippery teeth need to replace the corresponding accessories (screw type M3 * 10)
    About the right side of the X-axis is low, check whether the X-axis is shaking, if it is shaking, you need to adjust the x-axis pulley eccentric nut to the non-shaking position / check the left side of the x-axis nut to tighten it (as shown in the figure)

  • You have tightened the locking screw I assume?

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