BLTouch Error

  • Hello,

    I have an Ender 3 V2 with BLTouch from ANTCLabs. It was set up and printing fine for a while, then I changed the nozzle, attempting an auto home. When I did that the print plate went farther back then it should have and started crashing against the rear. I turned the printer off, powered it back on, and my BLtouch has not worked since.

    I cannot get the printer to move down on the Z axis. I have tried reflashing the firmware. When my printer starts up the probe for the BLTouch does not deploy anymore. When I run an m119 through pronterface it shows the Z probe as triggered when its not and open when it is triggered.

    I cannot find a way to reverse this. I have a video of my machine starting up that I will post below

    It will also give me this error [ERROR] Error:!! STOP called because of BLTouch error - restart with M999

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