Ender 6 firmware 1.0.4 download missing

  • Hi. I just bought an Ender 6 v1.2 from my local Microcenter. It came with firmware version 1.0.4, but I "upgraded" to firmware 1.0.2 to gain bltouch support. The printer has been printing significantly worse with the bltouch compatible firmware than with the one it came with. I would like to either revert back to 1.0.4, which I can't do as there is no download link, or I would like a version of the 1.0.4 firmware that supports bltouch. Initial testing shows the 1.0.4 firmware yields very high quality prints, so it doesn't make any sense to revert back to 1.0.1 and lose bltouch functionality, but so far I'm extremely disappointed in the latest bltouch firmware. My printer is running board version 4.3.1 and if it matters, BLtouch 3.1.

  • If you haven't checked yet, Ender 6 firmware has V1.0.4.9 Endstop ( version without BLTouch ) and V1.0.4.9 BLTouch. I couldn't see any difference between the V1.0.4 that my Ender 6 came with the V1.0.4.9 Endstop that Creality sent me back in Nov 2020.

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