CR-6 MAX Issues

  • Maybe someone can help me. I finally got my CR-6 MAX, have had it about a month and have yet to print with it.
    When I first put it together I did the self leveling and when I went to print the nozzle kept being too close to the bed. After some research I cam across the firmware update for the CR-6 SE and thinking its got the same motherboard I should be able to update it. Well to my surprise it has made it so the nozzle nor the bed will heat up. It times out so I can't do a damn thing with it. I also noticed it changed the build size down to the CR-6 SE size. I emailed Creality support and they came back telling me I had to contact the company I purchased it from. Well I purchased it directly from them through their kickstarter program they had. It's been 2 days since I emailed them telling them I purchased it from them. I asked them to send me a copy of the original firmware and at least I can work with that to get it to print. This thing is a $700.00 boat anchor at this point. I just can't believe that when they put updates out there that they should tell you not to use it on the MAX printer. I'm very dissapointed in Crealty support and I will never buy another Creality machine!