bltouch for ender 3 v2 not working

  • i have the ender 3 v2 i installed the bltouch and the firmware on ceality is rar i need a bin when converted it doesnt work . the z will not go down

  • when you said "the z will not go down" did you mean that the z offset adjustment does not change the z height from the bed? If so I have the same problem. I've adjusted mine hundreds of times and don't see any movement and then randomly the z axis will try to drive the nozzle through the print bed for no explicable reason.

  • Did you ever find a solution? I am having similar issues where the bl touch either intermittently stops working or the z axis quits moving. I've also had issues where I go to print and the printer just fills in the progress bar in 30 seconds and says print complete. Then occasionally everything will work just fine....Im stumped.

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