CR-10 V2 Dead After Direct Drive Upgrade

  • Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I'm having some real trouble after doing an upgrade. I was using a printed bracket and some longer replacement wires to move my OEM extruder and motor to the X carriage (can't afford anything else right now), and the filament sensor to a new spool holder up top. However, when I finally turned it on, the screen was dead, BLTouch was dark, and Octoprint couldn't recognize any device on the USB. The only thing running were the fans in the case, and a blue LED on the mainboard. I tried going back to stock and no difference. The only thing that could have been shorted (that I know of) may have been the filament sensor wires being reversed (I accidently pulled off the harness from the board for that cable). So I put it back to stock, but nothing. I checked the cables and board and I see no signs of a short (that I can tell).

    However, when the board is powered only from the USB cable, the screen does come on, board boots, and and the BLTouch works properly. The power supply is outputting 23.1 volts to the board, measured at the board contacts. (from what I can tell from the multimeter, I'm new at this). Do I need a new power supply? I can get one locally, but I would rather not drop the cash unless I have to.

    I am running the latest version of Marin using their example configuration for the CR-10 V2. It was working like a dream till now.

    I hope I posted this correctly. Thanks for any help you all can give me!

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