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  • Hello All,
    I came out here to vent because of the way Creality supports their products and customers. So I've been having issues with the CR-6 MAX that I purchased on their Kickstarter campaign. In a nutshell I need a copy of the original firmware for the MAX printer because I installed the firmware update for the CR-6 SE thinking it has the same board but it has caused my printer not to heat so it is totally useless. You can not do anything with it until it heats.
    I sent an email to Creality multiple times and this is the response I get.

    Sorry for this,
    Since you are not purchasing the items from our site, we do not have your order information in our system and could not help you solve the issue"
    Yours Sincerely,
    Customer Service Department

    Instead of just sending me the firmware.
    I or anyone I know will NEVER purchase another Creality product and when I finally get a fix (who knows how long this will take) for this CR-6 MAX I will be selling it along with the Ender 5 I have.

  • Sorry to ear about your problem with kickstart sales.
    I bought two Ender 3 from Bangood: one Ender 3 and another Ender 3 Pro.
    When I received my Ender 3 Pro i came with the Y rail smashed during the transport.
    I always take pictures of machines I received from international companies and during my pictures section I found the y Rail with problems. I sent to the customer support the explanation and the issue it is casuing to me and they sent me a new set of rollers and the Y Rail to replace. It is working fine.

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