Print sticking to bed

  • I just received a Ender-3, first print with the included white filament went fine and I was able to pry the dog off the mat, all though it did take more effort than I thought it would.

    2nd Print was with Overture Black PTEG filament, I let the print cool and it wouldn't come off the base. I tried using the include scraper and could barely get it off. managing to leave a piece of it behind.

    Heated the base up on the plate to attempt to get the piece that was left behind off and still had a hell of a time getting it off.

    Why is it so hard to get the print off the base? It isn't suppose to be like that correct?

  • Dear @mkellerm

    1. It is easier to remove the model by adding the base when slicing
    2. When taking the model, heat the hotbed and pry the model away from all sides with a spatula
    3. Platform sticker paper, hotbed re-leveling to the best position

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