Best all metal direct drive extruder-hotend to upgrade to?

  • I'm a brand new Ender 5 Plus owner. Although it seems to print well enough, I'd like to upgrade to direct drive because it's more reliable (no teflon tubing to inevitably overheat, deform, and jam). Which is the best such upgrade for an Ender 5 Plus? Is it the Micro Swiss upgrade kit for the Ender 5 Plus? Or is it the BondTech/Mosquito combo, which would require finding/designing a custom adapter plate?

  • @WhiteHare You probably figured this out by now. I just saw a few videos and the easiest upgrade looks like it is a Micro Swiss hotend. It gets you an all medal hotend that all you do is insert the stock Thermistor and Heater cartridge and then adjust the Z height. The Micro Swiss is a little shorter than the stock Creality hotend. But the same size other than that. Then I would install a Zesty Nimble Direct drive Extruder. Make sure, if your printer is working print out an adapter for the Nimble. I have install the nimble v3 on my Ender 3 Max. I have yet to see if it works. I kind of temporarily made a mount which I hope works long enough to print out a proper mount.

  • I'm going to try the BondTech BMG in combination with the E36 Volcano. For printing fast or printing big things, the Ender 5 Plus really does need a higher volumetric flow rate than what it comes with out of the box.

  • @Phil101 I'd love to do the same, but it seems as though e3d stopped making the hemera. Nobody has it in stock, not even e3d.

    What would have been your second choice?

  • Hi there,

    I've got a CR10 Max and did the E3D Hemera upgrade. Can't be happier, it is also compatible with the ender series and it's a really good direct drive and all metal hotend extruder combo.

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