Uneven print - despite levelling

  • I've done the usual auto-levelling, and all shows well. If I print a relatively narrow item all is good. However if I print an item that covers most of the print area it goes wrong. The left hand mostly gets set down correctly, while things on the right hand side don't. So while it does draw something, they seem to be ultra thin, almost like it is extruding very little, while things on the left seem over extruded.

    I did wonder if this was bed related, so tried a different bed and got almost identical results (after auto-levelling). I tried a different filament in case that was the cause, and got the same results. I'm really struggling to understand what is going on.

    This is a CR-6 SE. Prints that are a few cm wide don't seem to suffer from this, it only started happening when printing things that used large amounts of the bed and have a lot of travel as part of it. I've successfully printed multiple things up until now without any real issue.


  • Hi there! If by "left hand" to "right hand" you refer to the x-axis, it seems to me that your hot end nozzle needs to be calibrated. It is possible that in spite of the "correct" auto levbelling (which produces a mean value), the nozzle is closer to the surface on the right, hence the "ultra thin" layer you describe. Check this video! It will probably help!


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