Need help

  • I recently bought an ender 3 pro and used cura to slice stuff. I realized the cross bar was not tight so i removed it and tightened it. After which the first layer doesn’t stick to my bed. I leveled the bed many times still unable to get it right. Any suggestions would be helpful
    Ps: the default dog / cat that came with the printer in the sd card prints with no issues. I am so confused.
    My cura settings
    Standard -0.2
    Bed temp 55
    Hot ens 200 for pla

  • I also have recently got the same machine as a gift and the print models that come with the SD card print fine, with some others that i have downloaded and created have all had problems with sticking to the bed so i first tried raising the bed temp by 5'C and that showed improvements but as the model built up it started to drag some loose parts off the layers so i turned the be temp back to 60'C and raised the nozzle temp up to 205'C. with this i am getting much better results


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