cannot reflash my ender3 v2 (4.2.2) motherboard

  • After flashing, my LCD screen remains blank

    Octoprint can no longer connect, it attempts to establish correct baudrate, eventually gives up.

    I've tried

    • Flashing official creality bin files via sd card (I made sure I renamed the bin file)
    • Compiling latest marlin from scratch and flashing via sd card
    • Reformatting sd card with different allocation sizes (32k/4k)
    • Reflashing LCD screen, both with creality DWIN_SET dir and the one contained in the marlin configurations via the sd card on the back of the lcd screen.

    Nothing works.

    I assume therefore, the bootloader is broken. I would need to know how I can reflash the bootloader, or how for example a serial console can be attached to the board to debug the boot loading process.
    I do not seem to be the only person that is having trouble with this but sofar, no-one seems to have a solution. Some help from Creality would be nice...

    Kind regards,


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