Ender 5-PRO V1.1.5 BLTouch V.1.3 installation issue

  • I am following the installation guide and when I plug the ISP Pinboard into the creality mainboard (V1.1.5) and then attach the Burner to the PC.


    I get the blue light on the mainboard and the computer says its installing device and the burner shows up as a USB HID in the device manager menu but it does not show up as a USB drive so I can not see the progisp172 file or open the progisp.exe file so I am stuck! Can you please help me as I am very disappointed that I have bought all creality branded BL touch because I thought it would be easier to install!

    Also how do I find out what servo drivers are installed on my main board (v1.1.5) it was advertised and sold as ‘silent stepper drivers’ but I don’t know if it is and also what firmware I should be downloading? Is the board 8 bit or 32 bit .


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