Ender3 Not completing Print

  • Actually it does complete the print but looks nothing like it should do. I have tried everything, watched all the videos I can , used recognised approved files and still have the same result. So where am I going wrong and why is there not actually a robust support system where I can find the answer?

    The user manual is not worth the paper it is printed on and the trouble shouting page covers very little. I then discover that for best results with this printer you have to then print mods for the printer to work better.

    How do you do that when the printer does not work correctly?Failed fan cover.jpg

    Should look lie this


    Where am I going wrong? Bed level is fin, file is a recognised file, temp is all good!!!!!

  • @Tam

    I'm going to need a lot more detail.

    • Could you share the type of fillament?

    • Could please share the temperatures and speeds you are using?

    • Could you share a link to where you got the file from?

    • Could you share a higher resolution picture of the failed print so I can zoom in a look for clues?

    • Could you also share a video of the first layer of the raft going down? Also when it starts to print the actual model, or at least where you think its going wrong?

    Even though I have been printing for almost 7 years now, I still use this guide when I need help. Lots of great resources on youtube as well.

    From what I can see in the picture I have a few rough opinions.

    • The part its self looks like it was printed really hot or possibly over extruded. It looks a little messy and I can't see the individual rows of filament.

    • I see you are using a raft and that is almost never needed. If you are having problems getting a part to stick then try a brim instead.

    • I know it's annoying to hear but your bed level probably has something to do with your problems. These print beds are never flat. That means even if you are level in the corners you most likely are not level in the middle of the bed or some random location where the bed has a kink/dent. That is fine though because the bed being level really only affects large prints. When people say "bed level" usually they are referring to the distance from the bed to the extruder nozzle. This is crucial and has a very tiny acceptable range. The acceptable range is about the thickness of a piece of paper. If the nozzle is too high (you can slide a sheet of paper under it with ease) then the prints won't stick. If the nozzle is too low (sliding a sheet of paper under the nozzle requires lots of force) then the first layer is smashed down and on the second and third layers the nozzle drags over the print and risks knocking it off the build plate. What you want is a medium resistance when sliding paper under the nozzle.

    It can be really frustrating when starting out. It takes a bit of learning to get decent prints and lots of learning and practice to get reliable amazing prints. This is true of all printers at all price points.

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