Help ive almost given up Ender 3

  • Ive been having a problem everytime i try to print something on my ender 3 the filament falls onto the bed and doesn't stick leading to it dragging along the hot end but it prints fine with a raft im using pla

  • Hi make sure your print area on the bed is clean I myself use a lint free cloth with a small amount of window cleaner not soap based as this will leave a film on the bed and cause adhesive problems if you have a very small print area for what your printing i would use a raft as this increases your adhesive area make sure to save filament temp according to what your using its normally on a sticker on the roll and save your bed temp as well then slice save to memory card and away you go good luck ,I'm pretty new to printing myself but don't be afraid to mess with settings this is how I learnt .

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