Cr-10 V2 motherboard capacitor and fuse blown

  • I wanted to reallign my filament runout sensor. When I am controlling wich cable goes where I accidently shorted 2 pins. That resultad a capacitor blown in my v2.5.2 motherboard. The c3+ and F3 on the board was damaged. Can I learn the values of the capacitor and what is the component named F3 on the board. I do not want to buy a new motherboard. And I can solder it myself. Just don't know the values and what components to buy for replacement.

  • @pkomoro Found it! The F3 is ‎NANOSMDC110F-2‎ Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESET FUSE 6V 1.1A 1206

    It can be ordered on digikey and a number of other places. I just ordered 5 and am changing my GD bltouch wiring so it don't happen again

  • @Berat_BAKI

    Same issue here. Blown F3 fuse. Does anyone have schematic or, at least, the specification for the fuse?

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