Calibration help needed Ender 3 pro

  • Ok so I’m new to the printing world and I have searched for the issue that I am having with my new Ender 3 pro and not finding my issue else where.
    I was having issue when printing a object the sizes were off and the first customer 1.75 mm of every print seems to have a trumpet flair at base only.
    After fine tuning my steps/mm I was able to get a correctly sized calibration cube printed ie: 20x20x20
    However I still have the flair at base that makes the cube 21mm square at base only any help would be appreciated

  • Hi,
    I use Cura as slicer and there is an option in the quality menu -Initial layer line width-.
    Here you can choose the line width you want for the first layer. Default = 100%. When lowering, the lines becomes smaller. Be aware that the adhesion on the bed also decreases when the lines becomes smaller. I don't know what slicer you use, but I think there will be a similar option too in other slicers.

    Depending on the bed levelling, printhead to low, the filament get squashed on the bed and the line becomes wider.

    For calibration, don't measure the base of the cube but measure the upper part starting from +- the middle.

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