Radiant heat in a printing enclosure

  • I recently bought the Creality enclosure for my Ender 3 V2. And am experiencing filament jams on every print. Since assembling my Ender 3 on Christmas, I've managed a fair number of test prints and project prints with no trouble. Only since enclosing it has it started jamming. The jam itself seems to be in the Bowden tube; When i disassembled it, i noticed that the filament inside the tube is flattened and notched where the stepper motor has dug into the filament. I am guessing that the disfigurement is causing the filament to catch on the inside of the bowden tube. I also made sure the tension on the stepper is as loose and open as possible. I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this. It's my theory that the enclosure is retaining enough heat from the printer that the filament is being softened before being fed into the extruder, to the point that the stepper is flattening it and causing jams. I'm testing this right now by attempting a new print with all of the flaps opened on the enclosure to let heat out. Printing with PLA

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