Why is my creality Ender 3 not saving my calibration setings?

  • Just today, I was calibrating my stepper motors manually on the control panal.
    I did all of the measurements with a calibration cube and did the math to put in etc. and I clicked "store settings" and it made a beep noise. Just to make sure it saved, I turned off the Ender 3 and turned it back on and checked it, but everything I did was deleted. I repeated the steps again and again about five times, but it still didn't save. Also speaking of this, my resume printing stopped working. And this is the first week I've had this! Also, a weird thing is that everyone on youtube says to do what I just did and it worked fine for them. Can someone please help me if I missed a step on saving the settings?

  • Make sure your sdcard is inserted! That is where it is stored.

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