New to 3D printing. extruder not pushing filament

  • I got an Ender 3 V2 for Christmas this year. Before I started printing, I went through as many videos and articles as I could find. I was able to successfully print a test (the small maze Creality provided with their software), as well as a filament guide and SD card reader bracket with no trouble. But now every time I print, the printer begins just fine and manages about 20-30 layers, before the extruder just stops pushing filament through. If I heat the nozzle and manually push on the filament, it feeds, and will work just fine for a while after, but the problem persists with every print.

    I disassembled the extruder and noticed the filament was partially flattened inside the bowden tube. It looks like the stepper was digging into the PLA as it was feeding it. I don't know if that's normal or not, but I guessed that the filament was catching inside the tube and I've done everything I could think to fix this issue. The stepper tension is as loose as possible without completely removing the spring. I was worried the radiant heat inside my enclosure was softening the filament before reaching the stepper, so I removed the printer from it. After my latest attempt, I came down to see the filament broke at the stepper, just before the bowden tube, and was coiling up and away from it. At this point, I figure I should ask the community for pointers. currently I'm seeing if the problem is opposite of what I thought it was, and am tightening my stepper tension to see if a firmer grip fixes it.

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