under extrusion when using enclosure

  • My ender 3v2 has been working really well with PLA, I bought the creality enclosure with the idea that I would start printing with ABS, then the trouble started.

    I have been using the cura generic abs settings with esun ABS max with the part cooling fan disabled, and have been getting what looks like under extrusion it took me a while to catch it but what i have found is that after about 15 -20 minutes of printing the extruder would stall from time to time and then recover after about 15 seconds, if it didn't stall it would click as though the nozzle is blocked, at first i thought it was a clogged nozzle or an issue with the extruder itself, i have replaced the ptfe tube, replaced the extruder with an all aluminum one, re assembled and cleaned out the hot end, and replaced nozzles, many many failed trial prints later and i have found that if i leave the enclosure door open about half way the prints complete without gaps or under extrusion, close the door and run the exact same gcode and the problem returns.

    it seems like my problem is caused by the ambient temp in the enclosure

    is this a hot end cooling fan issue? has any one had similar issues?

    I am thinking next steps might be:
    -replacing the hot end cooling fan
    -maybe going to a different hot end
    -ducting the hot end cooling fan outside the enclosure.

    does any one have any good ideas on how to resolve this?

    thanks in advance

  • I thought it was just me!
    I have now an Ender 3 Pro and an Ender 3 pro v2 and both get severe under extrusion while in the Creality enclosure.
    I live in Iowa, so, I got my enclosure around January and the printer (one at the time) was fine in the enclosure.

    A couple of months ago when the weather started to warm up, I noticed my prints would be fine for about a half hour --then issues!

    It's not just you!

    Kinda defeats the purpose of fire safe, if you have to have the door, or vents open. I just tossed the enclosure in the other room.

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