Where is my CR-6 SE?

  • I am backer 1895.
    My money was taken in June 2020.
    You say you got a colleague to check the order. It has been ordered.
    You say P&P has to be paid. I have paid for the P&P.
    I have heard nothing since, even though I have emailed you on many occasions.
    It is now 2021 will I get the printer I have paid for, or will you just ignore me and keep my money?
    This is very shameful behavior for a company of your stature.
    My future business will go elsewhere.

  • Hello Admin,
    I am still waiting for your reply.
    When will I get my printer?

  • I look forward to your response.
    Thank you, Peter

  • Dear @Peter

    Well received your post, I will check your order with my colleague and feedback to you later.

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