Ender V1, V4.2.7, BLTouch: Case not fitting and what firmware?

  • My son has an Ender 3 V1 and I gave him 2 upgrades for Christmas:

    Silent board - V4.2.7
    BLTouch V1.4

    He followed instructions and installed V4.2.7 board fine, but we have had problems installing the BLTouch in a satisfactory manner.

    As per the instructions, he's connected the BLTouch using the adapter board and after some tweaking, it works fine (using V1.3.1 firmware). However, it means the cover for the electronics no longer fits as the adapter board is in the way of the fan.

    We've seen some other instructions where the cables are plugged into the white socket, but on power-up, we get smoke from the motherboard. Some talk about having to rewire the connectors.

    What should we be doing to get this to work? i.e. are we right in using the adapter board? or do we have to live with the cover not fitting anymore? And what firmware should we be using now as V1.3.1 seems a little out of date?!


  • @admin are you able to respond to my previous reply?

  • This is a picture of the current motherboard setup using the adapter board:


    BTW I don;t seem to be able to upload images as it keeps saying the following

    Expected integer between 1 and 100 for quality but received 1000 of type number"

  • Dear @swin66

    1. Please share a picture of the wiring on the motherboard side of BLtouch; the probability is that the connection error causes smoke on the motherboard.
    2. First unplug the BL touch-related connection cable, then turn on the machine to see if the motherboard is working properly
    3. Refer to the installation video https://youtu.be/lfm_YEJspK4

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