Ender 5 Plus adhesion problems

  • I recently purchased an Ender 5 Plus. The assembly went well but I'm having trouble with the PLA not sticking to my build plate. Most of the problems seem to be at the back end of the build plate (the side opposite of the Ender logo). I have included STL and gcode files as well as pictures so you can see what I am trying to print and how the model is lifting off the right rear of the build plate. Please note the same problem also occurs at the left rear side.

    I tried printing this model with a “raft” and without a “raft” and got the same results of the model lifting and not sticking to the back end of the build plate.

    It should be noted that I’m using the PLA filament that came with the Ender 5 Plus.

    What can I do to correct this bed adhesion problem? Thank you in advance for helping me with this situation.

    Tom Iwanski


  • Dear @tiwanski

    Model warping: after frequency re-leveling, heat the hotbed to 60° before printing, apply solid glue on the carbon crystal glass/model slicing with base/carbon crystal glass paste paper and other operations to increase the adhesion of the model

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