CR-10S Pro Max BLTouch probes about 4 inches up

  • My CR-10S Pro Max has been working great for almost a year. It has been sitting idle since before Christmas which is rare for us cause we print constantly.

    I fired it back up today and the BL touch does not seem to know where the bed is. The BLTouch tests fine from octoprint. When I try to start a print it does the normal X/Y home and then moves to the center of the bed. The probe pops out and in several times as it normally does when it reaches down and touches the bed but now it is about 4 inches up the Z axis.

    I can run the Z axis down manually but when I try to probe the bed it goes back up several inches, probe out, probe in, repeat, repeat and then errors out.

    It does this from octoprint and just running from the built in display.

    Everything else seems to work.

    It was working fine a week ago and no one has touched it since.

    Has anyone seen this before?

  • Dear @jeffgar2000

    1. When the printer is turned on, observe whether the BLtouch light is on, whether it blinks, and whether the BL probe will stretch 2-3 times.
    2. Try to reconnect the wire harness of BLtouch
    3. Tighten the top screw of BLtouch and test again
    4. Replace the spare thimble
      If the above steps are not effective, consider the BL touch is damaged, replace the BLtouch kit with a new one.

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