Did not get the new menu after updating the firmware to the latest bltoutch

  • I am wondering why i do not get the new bedleveling menu the one it will measure the whole bed.
    And my bltoutch is not working properly its blinking when its puld in.
    (I have orderda new one becos this one came from my old printer and is not the right version)
    Now i was wondering if that not correct working bltoutch is also the coss of the menu not comming up?!


    I have linkt the wiring also.
    I will get the new bltoutch this evening by mail.
    Tomorrow i will install it to test if that solfs the problem.

  • @Garguza What version firmware did you load? Even if you didn't install the BL Touch, upgrading the firmware will add the Auto Bed Leveling menu option to the touch screen display.

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