Which software version for the Ender 3 Pro?

  • Hello,
    one month ago or so I have purchased the Ender 3 Pro (not V2) and the software version installed is Marlin 0.0.6.
    It seems to me that there are newer versions.
    Which one is the newest and what are the improvements of that version in regard to the 0.0.6?
    Kind regards

  • Hi Aloha,

    I'm not sure why you did not get an answer. I am relatively new to 3d printing, but here is a little bit of what I know. Marlin is firmware, which means it lives on the small pcb inside your printer. While some enthusiasts will upgrade firmware, for example when they add elements to their printer like autolevelling, bltouch, etc, it is a general rule that unless there is something wrong with your prints, you shouldn't mess around with the firmware, especially if you are a beginner like me. Unlike firmware, software lives on your computer, not inside the printer. Whether you use creality slicer or cura slicer, the result should be the same. Of course, with either version, you need to select Ender 3 Pro in the profile settings for the software you choose. Some prefer cura slicer, some prefer Creality slicer. Creality is a simplified and customized version of Cura. Here is an idea which I can suggest: Download both. Create a small file using the cad software of your choice (or download a file from tinkercad or thingiverse). Then load the STL file into both Cura and Creality slicer. Give both files a different name (Curatestprint and Crealitytestprint). Then see if there is a difference between the 2 gcode prints when you print them with your printer.

    Since I just bought the same printer, we may have problems, issues in common in the future. I will watch out for your posts in case I can help.

    Conclusion? Don't mess with Marlin, but do make a decision about the software you choose for slicing.


  • @Aloha

    Not owning an Ender 3 I'll still try and answer your question. The latest firmware I've seen for your model is dated 13/11/2019.. not sure on version but am sure if you download and look at it you'll see.


    Good luck

  • I give up the hope to still get an answer to my simple question!

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your answer!
    Cura is the slicing program (that I use myself) that translates the job so it is understood by the printer.
    I mean the Firmware of the printer itself which is Marlin 0.0.6 in my printer.
    Kind regards

  • Hello there!

    I just got into 3D Printing myself. I have the Ender 3v2. After some research and discussing within a discord community, for non-resin printers, Cura seems to be the best. I have been printing reliably from there for a month now. Hope that helps!

  • Does really nobody know the answer to that (simple) question?
    I have asked the support but they don't answer.

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