Ender 5 Plus Won't Level Keeps Going Down on the Z Axis

  • Hello and Happy New Year,
    Setup 5 plus last night, followed instructions on how to level glass bed, paper - adjust - retest - Auto level. BL touch operating ok
    Was able to get 1 test cube to print that is all.
    Decided to Watch Creality video dated 29th Nov 19- followed as per video all ok
    I have switched off printer, connects cables then switches back on, I have also Checked and reset Z offset to 0 and stopped last print 3 times
    For some unknown reason now my bed stops 240mm short of the BL touch probe and unable to get bed to raise any further even switching off and manually turning bed up to just below nozzle, BL touch sensor still flashing red and pin in retracted position does not reset the bed.
    How do I do a factory reset?? How do I get the bed in the correct position?
    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks I am very frustrated..


  • I can't help, but am in same boat. bed has stuff trapped under it, will nor rise to do the homing.
    history, using petg, made around 20 prints, broke the extruder pressure lever, replaced it with the $21 all alu kit, only stuff unplugged and plugged back in during replacement were the extruder motor, and the filament sensor. Bed would lower, bltouch flashing red, but bed will not rise to hit bltouch. Now has stuff, tools and such trapped under bed between center houseing and bottom of bed.

    Whats wrong now?

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