Woes upon woes - About to scrap CR6-SE for spares.

  • A brief timeline.

    Backed the kickstarter, received my printer on time.

    Initially happy but then realised the self-levelling wasn't working.

    After a ludicrous amount of back and forth Creality said the print bed needed replacing. They needed my backer number to send out a replacement.

    I don't have my backer number (I accidentally deleted the email). They keep emailing me updates to my backer email address, they have the shipment address and the serial number but they can't help with shpping out the spare part until I tell them a number I KNOW they have.

    Power switch intermittently sparks. They tell me to send video of it failing. It's intermittent, so I can't.

    SD reader starts to go intermittent on me. I tell them. Nothing. Fortunately, I'm in the process of setting up Octoprint when it goes, so I can survive.

    Last night, power switch fails to switch off the machine - it just keeps running. So I switch off at the mains.

    Now my Raspberry Pi has burned out. I suspect it's from a power surge through the USB port.

    I wonder if it's possible that Creality will get back to me on any of these problems, ever. Every single one of the contacts I've had with them has taken an email follow up a week later to elicit a response.

    I'm close to binning the machine, so I'll have spares available soon if anyone needs anything.


  • What a bummer! BTW, if you log in to Kickstarter, you can view the projects you’ve backed and look up your backer number ther. Good luck! My SD card reader quit on me, and Creality did get around to sending me a new motherboard, after I bugged them for awhile.

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