Still waiting for my kickstarter printer. Please update.

  • My printer shipped (supposedly) on August 11th. I am from Canada. Backer number 5414. I was contacted twice with someone by the name of Liang Liyin and have yet to get any concrete shipping information. It is now October 17th and I have yet to get a response from Liang to my follow up querries.

    I received an email on November 24th confirming the tracking number and now we are January 6th and I still have not gotten any updates nor have I received the printer. When I track the number provided (see your previous answer), it has yet to post any updates. Please update, I am getting more than a little frustrated.

    FYI my tracking number is 1Z9V9Y632098902693.

  • Dear @marc-marquis

    The shipment has arrived in Canada and UPS is currently bursting at the seams. The goods are waiting for UPS to deliver.

  • Wow that is pathetic I was able to buy one a month ago. And get it next day.

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