Scratches on bed

  • Hi, I was able to test the cr-6 max last night.
    (creality slicer, using the cr-6 se with enlarged measurements. I also checked warning with the Start G-Code. Autoleveling seems ok, when checked with a piece of paper)

    I have some problems with my PLA, which doesn't stick to the hotbed. Temperature is 60° as recommended, nozzle 200°, I think I will find out, what is wrong -
    but what makes me really sad is:

    When I stop printing because of this, the hotend moves straight to the left and leaves narrow scratches on the glass!

    Is there a way to tell the printer after a cancelled job to move upwards?

    Thank you!

  • I had th same problem at the start.
    Update the firmware to the community firmware fixes this issue.
    It may also be fixed in the latest Creality release but I have not confirmed as I had no failures on the newer release prior to swapping to the community fermware.

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