Ender 6 in Cura 4.8.0 : possible solution

  • I have it working on the Mac and also a windows installation in a VM.

    They have to be clean installations though, I have had some errors when adding the Ender 6 files after I had already run Cura before doing the changes. Deleting the user-data in the ~/Library/Application Support/cura worked for me.

    I used the Ender6 files from the Creality slicer. I had to change the version of these files, and also change a few files to make the profiles work with the materials again. (There has been a default name-change along the way which broke things: 0.4mm to 0.4mm Nozzle)

    It appears to work although because of a broken fan I have not printed anything.

    A file with the files to add can be found here:


    step 1
    Do a clean install of Ultimaker Cura and/or make sure to remove all user settings

    • MAC: remove ~/Library/Application Support/Cura

    DO NOT RUN Ultimaker Cura yet!!!

    step 2
    Copy provided files to their respective folders in the resources folder of your installation

    • MAC: /Applications/Ultimaker Cura.app/Contents/Resources/resources/
    • WIN: C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0\resources

    Overwrite when prompted

    Start Ultimaker Cura - you should be able to choose the Ender 6 printer now.

  • I really appreciate this. I'm a Mac user with no 3D printing experience and literally just put my Ender 6 together yesterday. I am new to everything so when I could not find an Ender 6 profile in Cora, I stopped in my tracks wondering what to do next and thought I should edit the Creality profile of the printer which seemed to have the closest specifications. Anyway, thanks. However, perhaps you could clear up a little confusion, why does the profile say 260mm x 260mm x 400mm when the Ender 6 is 250mm x 250mm x 400mm?

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