Ender 3 Pro Issues

  • Hi,

    First let me state i am very much a noobie when it comes to 3D printers so please bare with me. I got it my Ender earlier this week and got it all setup. The issues i am having is randomly during a print i will get an error that says "Thermal Runaway" and i have to reset the printer, resume and the error may come up again. I have also had an issue where randomly during a print the printer will beep and the the printer seems to reboot itself and asks if i want to resume after it reboots. Any ideas on what to look for or do ? Remember i am very new to this. Thanks so much.

  • Dear @Oregongrl

    Please follow this:

    Power on - Control - Motion - Steps/mm - Esteps/mm(you can Sliding down to find it) - Exit Select store memory to save

  • I needing to adjust my Esteps on my Ender3 Pro, which I have never done before. I have watched YouTube videos on it & it says to add your new Esteps go to control, motion & select Esteps I do not have Esteps that are listed or even shows. Please help.....any suggestions????

  • Please don't feel that I am being terse, however I have a pet peeve about the Creality install guide. Step 1 should be, check the power supply AC input Voltage setting and set as appropriate for your country. Assuming USA it should be switched to 115V on the power supply (It ships set to 230V by default). Only other thoughts would be to verify that the connections to the screw terminals on the controller board are tight on the wires from the Hotend.

  • check your thermal sensors. if you know how to use a multimeter check for continunity. google it if not

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