BLtouch probed 3 points and died

  • Hello!
    I am trying to install a knockoff 3d touch on my ender 3 standard using a BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 V2 . I plugged all 5 pins into the y-probe connector with the JST plugs. I got it working and it lit up and everything. The firmware was set up correctly. I went into config>bltouch>self test and it all worked fine and lit up. Anyways, I go to movement>auto bed level and it starts fine and probes the first 3 points just fine, and then shuts off.

    I have checked the wires and tried replacements and neither seem to be broken. One possible cause i see is that the 5v+ pin is not putting out voltage. I held a multimeter to the 5v pin and both left and right ground pins and got a reading of zero for both.

    Mabye could someone who has a SKR Mini E3 V2 do the same and tell me if theirs gets voltage? Any info whatsoever would be greatly appreciated


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