SD card board not working ender 6 will not start

  • I received and assembled my Ender 6 today and it booted and worked through filament loading and bed leveling. The machine died the second I inserted the SD-card in the reader however and will not boot again. When I disconnect the SD card cable from the mother board the machine boots again. Is this something that can be fixed by myself or do I need to open a warranty ticket for a new SD card board?

  • Dear @MFalck

    There is a specific platform for after-sales service, you are welcomed to leave your questions here, our people will feedback to you quickly

  • I found after much research (and giving up) that I had the same issue as one other person on youtube. The cable to power the heatbed was pinched by the screw that hold the acrylic sides. After removing the cable from the grove in the frame (and holding it on the outside with zip-ties, the machine booted normally and the SD-card reader works.

    Please update instructions or FAQ to reflect this and also update the placement of the fastening screws for the acrylic (or shorten the screws).

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