creality ender 3 v2 stucks on start logo and doesnt startup,

  • while trying to clean the hot end i might accidentally shorted the thermistor wires, after trying to celan it i restarted the printer but it stucked on startup logo, removed the sd card, restarted no luck, downloaded the latest fw installed it no luck, tried some other softwares and screen gives hot end temperature too high warning and beeps continuously, so i assumed thermistor line has some problem,
    opened the main board and checked the thermistor lines both for hot end and hot plate, they have same 130 kilo ohm resistance which is normal, after that i checked the mainboard side for thermistors, it seems hot plate socket has 5 kilo ohm but hot end socket only has 1,6 ohm which is pretty much like short circuit and thats why it gives hot end temperature is too high warning with other softwares, i also checked the voltages hot plate socket has 3,5 volts but hot end socket only has 3 mili volts which tells us that hot end thermistor line has some defect, i hope its just some resistors fried on the line i will further inspect the board if could find the blown resistors on the line,

    meanwhile if any of you people has the same printer and willing to help, could you please check the line resistances for the hot plate and hot end sockets for me? (also the voltages?) it would be a big help if you do.

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