How to add a servo to Ender 3?

  • I am reconfiguring an Ender 3 to be a paste extruder. Basically, I have removed the entire filament feed system and on the E-plate, I have installed a syringe with a stop-valve. The stop valve is 9g servo motor actuated. I need to control this servo using M280 (I am assuming). From what I can see at a lot of places - we can’t connect a servo system directly to the Ender 3 board and we have to go for something like the BBT SKR Mini E3 V1.2 and then update the config.h file accordingly. Almost all examples are for the BL Touch and I am not sure about how to reconfigure the BL Touch code for my case. So my question is I want to make a servo rotate 90 degrees to open a valve and rotate back to close the valve. Could anyone please tell me how to reconfigure the config.h file for this purpose? I am total beginner to this and so if you could point me to some resources for marlin that you have found useful, please post those as well. Thank you.

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