Ender 5 Plus heated bed anomaly.

  • Using an IR thermometer, I determined that the upper righthand corner of the build plate is about 15C cooler than the center of the build plate. This is a much bigger difference than on the other 3 corners, and it is warping my prints! This corner is where the power leads are soldered to the heated bed. Maybe that has something to do with it?

    Anyhow, how to fix this discrepancy? I'm going to apply some more insulation underneath the heatbed, and I may double-up or triple-up on that corner to try to bring its temperature inline with the other parts of the heated bed. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    What else can be done, if anything, to remedy this situation?

  • Reporting back: applying after-market insulation on the uninsulated parts really did help even out the temperature differences. Not 100%, but much better than before.

  • Dear @WhiteHare

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