Thermal Runaway condition.

  • I haven't been able to do a print on my Ender 6 so far. I was able to load the filament but the printer now seems to want to turn on the hot end heater when the printer is turned on and not respect any set temperatures. I quickly rises to 275. I can try to adjust the temp from the screen but I can't exit out of the adjustment screen after. I end up having to restart the printer. There are scorch marks on the wires that go to the hot end. It also smokes. I am very concerned about it causing a fire. I opened a support ticket but so far have not seen a response. Creality support chat has basically told me that they will get to it when they have time.

    I have created a video and uploaded it to Youtube that demonstrates this:

  • As of now I haven't been able to print from my 3d printer yet 😭
    I only had a few problems.
    The extruder motor wasn't working found out that in the middle of the cable was broken.
    Fix rewired extruder motor from motherboard straight to the motor bypassing the top board.
    after installing the bl-touch that's when the Thermal Runaway started. and when powering up it locked on the startup screen.
    after talking to the techs for about 3 weeks they told me I probably have a bad motherboard.
    their sending me a new motherboard. will see what that does.

  • @OmegaPrinciple Sure sound like something is not working as it should. The only thing left I can think about is if set to automatically heat up when turn on. That will be under Temperature -> Automatic in the menu.

    Maybe try to load the firmware on to a SD card and try plug it in when turned on and see if it will "Reflash".

    I also noticed that your temperature (from your video) is 254 degress when turned on. That indicate that your Temperature sensor is broken and it reports wrong temperature. As it cant be 254 degress when you just turned it on, it will take at least 1 min to heat up. Does the temperature of the extruder match what is says on the display. If not, then you need to replace your temperature sensor on the extruder.

    if none of that is the case, then Im out of options.

  • @GZZ The machine starts to heat when turned on. It knows what the temp is. When I set attempt to set the temp, it just goes to 275. The screen shows the setpoint but it doesn't stop there. The most concerning part is that it starts when the printer is turned on. I have not set anything to do that. I have plugged and replugged everything on the breakout board. The mainboard is another story as they put a bead of hot glue along the sides of all the connectors to keep them in place. When you get down to it, it should not start heating the hotend until I tell it to. My other 2 FDM (non-creality) will not heat until I tell it to. I believe something is defective on the mainboard but there are no replacement parts on the Creality store that specify anything for the Ender 6. I really hope they rectify this soon.

  • You should check the that the temparature cable from the extruder is plugged in correctly, as it seems the board have no knowledge of the temperature of your extruder.

    See the manual that you plugged the cable correctly on the main board located on the far right corner.

    On my Ender-6:
    It 2 white cables and it should go into the plug no 4 from the left in the upper row.
    So you have the red heater cable in the first plug (upper row, left), then an empty plug, then the yellow/blue fan filament fan cable and then the white extruder heat sensor cable and last 2 plugs with black cables from the motors.

    If they are plugged in correctly, then you might have to pull the bottom plate of the printer and have a look at the main board, as it might be a lose connection.

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