CR-10S Pro V2 - Initial filament feeding problem

  • Does anyone else have problems feeding the filament into the printer? This is done by feeding it through the "filament out detector" block.
    I find that it must be catching somewhere inside the block.
    I have tried trying to straighten it out, and tried trimming it on all different angles.
    I eventually get it through OK but it is annoying that it catches all the time.
    I haven't taken the block apart yet to investigate.
    There must be a hardware fix for this - surely.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I gently rotate the filament axially as I pass it through the block. This is a bit fiddley but it seems to help. Also, I cut a bevel in the filament just so as there is a pointy bit. This is not required if you have previously removed the filament via the 'refuel' tool as you can trim the filament to the natural taper left by the process.

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