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  • Dear Fellows,
    I live in Gardena California currently looking for at home support services to come to my mature grandkids house and help set up a new Ender 3-D printer they received for Christmas still in box. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Michel,

    I know ths was a while back, BUT if your still looking for hep you might try what I did.


    and see what pops up.

    If you have a group near you that meets in person, find out when their ope house is and go by.

    If they dont meet face to face or aret hosting any open houses at the moment, email whoever the primary contact is and offer to "donate" sone $ to ther space if they are wlling to ask someone to help.

    Inmy area community college groups and maker spaces are HUGE untapped info wells that ALL need$ for supplies.

    BUT understand that f you call a plumber to fix a pipe youre looking at an $80/hr (in my area anyway) labor fee. Most groups aent THAT demanding but considering assembly and setup is usually a 2 hour job , I wouldexpect to offer at least $100

    You said they were mature, if tat means over the age of 12, send them a you tube assembly link and tell them you will hire someone to "do the fine tuning" but they have to do the heavy lifying, you an probably save yourself.

    I am amzed that commnity college groups and maker spaces dont offer ths]ese kinds of services as second nature. #1 the exosure would b e HUGE and I wouldbet with xmas coming thy could EASILY add $10k i "donations" before jan 1

    but thats just me


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