Ender 3 v2 blank screen problem

  • I had recently got an ender 3 v2 and used it to print a lot of things and it worked great at printing them. I then heard something about how you can update the firmware to the latest so that it would fix the bugs that this printer sometimes had and so i tried it out.

    I got the firmware .BIN file from the creality page, gave it a short name, moved it to a blank SD card and put it in the printer. i turned on the 3d printer and the fans starts, the screen turns on but unfortunately it was blank and empty and it stayed that way even when i waited a couple minutes. I looked around online for anything on how to fix this, tried some of them out and they did not work. If anybody has a good detailed explanation on how to fix this i would very much appreciate it. And i hope no one else gets this problem because its not very handy to deal with

  • Have you tried re-loading the old firmware?

    I had an issue and reloaded the original firmware to fix it.

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