Parts fan does not turn on.

  • I have been trying to solve layer shift issues and today I pulled off the cable chain I printed to ensure that wasn't it. In the process, one of the wires I had spliced to the parts fan came loose. I hooked it back up but couldn't get it to work. I took a voltmeter to it and it kept bouncing back and forth to Live and registered under 5V.

    I then took the bottom off to get to the board. I check the power supply coming into the board at it reads 24V but when I test the parts fan connection, again less than 5V. Is my board fried?

    What is interesting is everything else turns on. The bed will move, the gantry will move, BLTouch is working, Screen comes up. Just the fans, both parts and nozzle fans won't come on.

    Again is my board fried? Do I just buy a 4.2.7 replacement board?

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