Stuck at LCD Firmware

  • Re: CR-6 SE New Firmware Update 24th Nov

    So i got myself a 8GB MicroSD. Updated the CR-6 Firmware with no problems.
    Cleared the Micro SD copied thh DWIN_SET folder on the Root of the SD Card , plugged it into the LCD Micro SD Slot and powerd the bugger up......Started to copy files ( Me happy) BUT it stuck at HZK Files....waited for approx. 15 minutes ... no change ... powered the printer down, waited 30sec. powered it up but it still hang at the HZK files

    So i unplugged the Micro SD, reduced the Capacity to 4 GB ( FAT32 / 4096Byte) put the DWIN_SET and now the bugger loaded the HZK File (Me Happy again)

    BUT now it is stuck at copying ICL progress just no numbers behind the line Download .ICL Files

  • After retrying a couple of times it continued and finalised the update ..still i have no idea what could have happened. I waited for allmost 30 minutes at every try. Everytime it gor a bit faster till it reached "END".. Now everything is working.

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