Printing spokes using Creality LD002R printer

  • Hi
    I am new at this, and hope someone can please advise. I am a hobbyist (dioramas), and do not design 3D models.

    I have a Creality LD-002R DLP Resin Printer and have indeed been able to print some stuff. (yes, including the Eiffel tower ;-))

    However, when I try to print something that has spokes (ie bicycle or motorcycle), they do not print the spokes. I have tried this is 1/35 scale, and also in 1/24th scale.

    I use the default settings which are:
    Layer Height : 0.05mm
    Bottom Layer count: 10
    Exposure time : 9s
    Bottom exposure time: 50s
    Light-off delay: 0s
    Bottom light off delay: 0s
    Bottom lift distance: 5mm
    Lifting distance: 5mm
    Bottom lift speed: 65mm/min
    Lifting speed: 65mm/min
    Retract speed: 150mm/min.

    I am using Monocure Rapid Resin (black).

    Further to this, I have tried printing with and without supports.

    Please help?

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