E5 PLUS + Octoprint Bed Heating problem, potential thermal runaway

  • Running stock Ender-5 PLUS V1.70.1 BL-Touch and Octoprint 1.4.2 on RPi 4B 4G.

    NOTE: Issue only appears when there is an SD card installed.

    ATTENTION: It happened once that the target temperature was set, the printer did turn on the heater, EXCEEDED the target temperature and reached 115C before the user panicked, unplugged everything and started externally ventilating the 3d printer. This should NEVER happen.

    When using Octoprint and there is an SD card in the printer's SD slot, after init and connection, sending M140 S60 does NOTHING. The printer recognizes the new setting (updates the target temperature) but doesn't turn on bed heating, it eventually times out not being able to reach the target temperature.

    Once the SD card is removed from the slot and the printer is power cycled, the same command starts working.

  • I have the exact same issue with my ender 5 plus as well without an SD card bed heats up, with SD the bed will not heat up. Only the bed, nozzle heats up fine either way.

  • Same issue exactly on my E5 PLUS. I was blaming Octoprint as when i use the SD by itself with no serial connection i am able to print.

  • Dear @mrares, Please print this model to see if it can be printed normally, if it can not be printed normally, please provide fault video to cs@creality.com
    The model document I will send you by email, as the Forum can't upload the document. Please check the email. Thank you.

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